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Reginald explains why TSM is laying off its management staff


TSM CEO Reginald has addressed the recent layoffs within the organization, stating that the company overhired and expanded too quickly, resulting in the need for necessary changes to ensure sustainability.

The affected staff members include general manager Glen Yang and team manager Kristine Huang, who both confirmed their departures on social media.

The layoffs come as TSM’s LCS team prepares for the Summer split after finishing the Spring Split in seventh place, just outside of playoff contention.

“Our current team is stronger and more performant. We don’t see negative effects with the changes that we’ve made. TSM was not headed in the right direction.”

He went on to say that the organization is currently figuring out multiple things and will not be able to make any announcements until everything is final and complete.

He also hinted at investing less into LCS this season, saying, “I’ll make a post later on why we decided to invest less into LCS this season.”

While the layoffs may come as a surprise to some, Reginald emphasized the importance of making tough decisions for the long-term success of the organization.

“With the economic downturn, we made the necessary changes to be sustainable. This was not easy,” he said.

“We’re confident that our current team and direction will lead us to success in the future.”

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