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Gosu General finds new team following split with former squad


Team Gosu owner, Park “General” Jim-ahn, has found a new squad after parting ways with previous members who were competing in the North America Challenger Tournament Spring 2023.

Due to an alleged issue with the former members, they left and formed a new team named Fallout Esports for the tournament.

Gosu General revealed his new team members, Fallen, HOV, and Shiroi Yuki, on a livestream.

However, the team will not be replacing Fallout Esports this season and it’s unclear what their plans are moving forward.

The stakes are high in this year’s NACT Spring 2023, as the winner will represent North America for the first time at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 in Cambodia this June.

Despite the setback, General and his new team will undoubtedly work hard to compete and succeed in future tournaments.

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