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Antimage says Rasy is the Indonesian OhMyV33nus


Antimage, a well-known figure in the MLBB community, has recently compared Rasy, a player from Alter Ego, to the iconic player from the Philippines, OhMyV33nus.

Rasy’s hero support and healing abilities have caught Antimage’s attention, leading him to suggest that Rasy is the Indonesian version of OHMYV33NUS.

Antimage believes that Rasy’s hero pool, specifically Diggie and Estes, should be utilized by Alter Ego in the last week of the regular season.

In a recent interview on Empeshow as reported by ONE Esports Indonesia, Antimage emphasized Rasy’s role as the main roamer and highlighted his ability to play as a support hero, saying, “Rasy is considered an Indonesian OHMYV33NUS because of his hero support pool.”

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Antimage further explained that Rasy’s performance with tank heroes has not been as successful, stating, “When he plays big tanks almost 90 percent loses. When using Hilda, Grock, Kaja, he lost.”

Antimage then clarified that he initially thought Rasy was the incarnation of the player REKT, but later realized that Rasy’s playstyle is more similar to OHMYV33NUS, especially with his use of Estes.

Alter Ego’s recent success with Rasy’s hero pool has garnered attention in the MLBB community, and Antimage’s comparison to OHMYV33NUS has further fueled the conversation.

As the regular season comes to a close, fans will be watching to see how Alter Ego performs with Rasy’s support heroes.

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