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SHARK’s Unconventional Roam Fanny Pick Takes NACT by Storm


In the second week of the North America Challenger Tournament (NACT), The Ohio Brothers delivered another dominating performance as they swept Laimitop.

However, it was Oscar “SHARK” Vo’s unique Roam Fanny pick that stole the show.

Fanny, an assassin hero with no crowd control, is typically used for its ability to eliminate enemy heroes quickly.

But SHARK’s unorthodox pick paid off as he proved to be a valuable asset to the team.

Using Petrify, a battle spell that temporarily stuns enemy heroes, SHARK was able to apply pressure on the map, allowing his teammates to secure and steal buffs.

His efforts paid off as he finished the game with an impressive 6/2/6 record, earning him the title of player of the game.

With their latest victory, The Ohio Brothers are now considered one of the favorites to represent North America in the upcoming MSC 2023 tournament in Cambodia this June.

Their impressive form and SHARK’s unique pick have undoubtedly caught the attention of their competitors, making them a team to watch out for in the remaining weeks of the NACT.

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