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Is There Really a Bug on Innocent’s Backdoor Play Against Blacklist?

Dethan Dario

Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap may have completed a clutch save for Blacklist International when TNC Pro Team’s Vincent “Innocent” Banal tried to go for a backdoor play but the champion EXP laner was left baffled as to how the gold laner managed to still damage their base.

Believing that the base tower won’t receive damage if there’s no enemy minion around the base, EDWARD used the Final Slash of his Arlott pick to push the minions away from the radius of the base to prevent Innocent’s Moskov from taking down the base tower.  

However, EDWARD was left confused as Innocent still managed to damage the base to the point that he was one hit away from completing the backdoor play for TNC.

“Ang weird nga eh kasi winalis ko yung minions pero nababawasan pa rin ‘yung tore namin supposedly walang damage yun kasi walang minion na nakapasok sa radius ng tore ewan ko kung bakit,” said Edward after the game.

The base defense actually has a mechanic that reduces the damage of enemy heroes when without a minion near the base.

“‘Yun talaga yung goal ko kasi alam ko na kapag nakalabas yung minions sa radius ng tower di mababawasan yung tower namin

Still the efforts of Edward didn’t go futile as they managed to take down Innocent in time to close out the series with a 2-0 sweep.

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