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Basic exposed once again! Carol reveals the NA star’s misconduct during M4


Ohio Brothers’ Peter “Basic” Lozano is once again embroiled in a social media controversy.

This comes just months after the M4 World Championship, where Basic’s previous team, The Valley, participated.

The controversy began when a TikTok user named @carooqty posted a series of screenshots showing Basic in a heated Messenger exchange with her.

The user was the homeowner where The Valley stayed before and during the M4 World Championship in Indonesia.

In the post, @carooqty accused Basic of borrowing money from her, treating her family poorly, and creating drama in her life.

The screenshots show Basic being passive-aggressive and using expletives. He promised to pay back what he owed and then block her afterward.

This isn’t the first time that both people have been involved in drama during the biggest MLBB tournament held every year.

A day before M4 started, Basic posted on his Facebook page, showing Yawi sending inappropriate messages to Carol, allegedly hitting on her, which Carol deemed disturbing.

Basic was also involved in a prior incident years before when he was accused of having an affair with the ex-girlfriend of Renejay “Renejay” Barcase when both were with Nexplay.

He had denied the allegations in a now-deleted YouTube video.

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