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No one wants to play against this hero in MPL PH and ID


As we enter the second half of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines and Indonesia Season 11, fans now have a better understanding of which heroes are considered meta and which are not.

While the usual suspects like Valentina and Fredrinn remain strong picks this season, there’s been a surprising turn of events in the marksman category, with a hero that everyone thought would no longer be played suddenly becoming the most banned.

That hero is none other than Wanwan.

According to the hero stats in the Philippines, Wanwan has been banned a staggering 60 times or 96.77% so far in the tournament, outshining Joy, who only had a ban rate of 87.10%.

It’s also worth noting that in Indonesia, Wanwan has been banned 87 times in just four weeks of play, securing her position as the most banned hero in the tournament.

Wanwan is one of the most unique heroes in the game because she dashes every time she deals with basic attacks.

Her ultimate, the crossbow of Tang, also grants her invulnerability while dealing damage to enemies.

Her rise in popularity can be attributed to the sudden resurgence of on-hit meta heroes due to the increased popularity of tank janglers.

Overall, it’s interesting to see how the meta changes and evolves throughout the tournament.

Wanwan’s sudden rise to the top spot as the most banned hero is just one example of how certain heroes can gain popularity and become powerful picks in the right circumstances.

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