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Here’s a sneak peek of Minsitthar’s revamped skills in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players will soon see a revamped Minsitthar, one of the oldest heroes in the game, according to Moonton.

The update, set to be released on March 21, will feature improvements to Minsitthar’s character model, giving him a more Burmese-inspired look.

More importantly, all of his skills will also be changed to make him fit better into the current meta.

Minsitthar’s passive skill will be replaced with a stun bar that will stun enemies once it’s full, instead of providing increased gold for him and his teammates for kills.

Additionally, his first skill, Spear of Glory, will be able to pull multiple enemy heroes, while his second skill will be more damaging and now applies on-hit effects in addition to damage reduction.

May be an image of text that says '2NDSKILL SKILL The redesigned Shield Assault can now provide more possibilities for Minsitthar with its damage reduction and Basic Attack enhancing effects. ULTIMATE The old version of King's Calling only prevents enemy heroes from using direc- tional Blink skills. Now disables all movement skills of the enemy (some of the changes are already released). Before After King's Calling now summons Royal Guards that inherit equipment effects, which significantly increases Minsitthar's gains from his build.'

While Minsitthar’s ultimate will remain the same, the four royal guards surrounding the area-of-effect will now inherit equipment effects, allowing him to deal more damage and making him a viable choice for the EXP lane after his revamp.

The update is set to come just in time before the end of Season 27 on March 25.

With the changes, players will surely be excited to see how Minsitthar’s new skills will fare in the game’s current meta.

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