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Valve Issues Lifetime Bans to EHOME and Knights Players Post-Lima Major


Valve’s ban hammer has struck again, and this time, even pro players are not safe.

Perfect World and Valve jointly announced a massive ban wave that saw 46 players from the Chinese and Southeast Asian regions banned.

The list includes both temporary and lifetime bans, with half of the players banned for life.

The banned players include notable players such as the entire roster of Knights, who played at the Lima Major, such as Vincent “AlaCrity” Hiew, Chong “FelixCiaoBa” Wei Lun, and Su “Flywin” Lei.

These bans come after Knights’ organization was embroiled in controversies such as map hacking in official DPC tournaments and match-fixing during the recently concluded Lima Major.

Wong “mks” Sim An from EHOME was hit with a lifetime ban, and his teammates were banned for at least two years from participating in any Valve tournaments.

After banning all the players of these two teams, there is now a need to replace them with two new teams that have not been banned, but it is not yet clear how these teams will be selected for the Chinese DPC League.

This is the most significant step that Valve has taken to eradicate the rumors of underhanded activities in the Chinese Dota scene and put an end to match-fixing and cheating.

However, there have been previous instances where banned players have been replaced by new players from the region, so it remains to be seen if this latest and more massive ban wave is sufficient.

It’s not the first time that Valve tried to put an end to the cheating in the game. Last month, Valve has banned 40,000 players after they were caught using third-party software that gave them an in-game advantage.

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