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Imbalanced Agent? Riot Reveals ‘Concept’ Behind Gekko’s skills

Dethan Dario

A lot of excitement has been revolving around Valorant’s newest Agent in Gekko and although fans have been looking forward to the game’s newest initiator, some expressed concerns over how his abilities seemed to be overpowered in the current game.

Gekko, the 22nd agent, born and raised in Los Angeles, leads a tight-knit crew of four calamitous creatures namely Dizzy (E), Wingman (Q), Mosh Pit (C) and Thrash (X) which are practically the source of his skills that give him ability to initiate before recovering and look for another target.

Senior Game Producer John Goscicki said the creation of Gekko’s four creatures was a product of the efforts to keep Gekko distinct from the other agents.

“Keeping the Agent roster distinct from each other, while maintaining performance is always a difficult challenge. Gekko was the biggest one of all. Trying to create 4 super distinct creatures that you will fall in love with, while keeping them within certain game limitations is hard,” said Goscicki.

“The team had to work through a whole array of building smart, so that we could maintain the design of the creatures, and keep the game within the performance boundaries,” he added.

Dizzy upon being equipped can fly and shoot plasma blasts, blinding enemies. Wingman, meanwhile, seeks out enemies and deals damage with a concussive blast. Players can use Alt Fire to have Wingman defuse or plant a Spike.

Mosh Pit is a grenade-like weapon that duplicates across a large area and explodes. It deals massive damage to enemies caught in the blast.

Dizzy, Wingman and Mosh Pit can be reclaimed after a short cooldown to get another charge. This will allow Gekko to have resources for another engage.

Thrash, Gekko’s ultimate, can be steered through enemy territory and detonated to detain enemies in a small radius. Once she expires, she turns into a dormant globule. That can be reclaimed after a short cooldown to get another charge of Thrash although only once.

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