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Eruption Would Say This to Girls Who Ask Him Out Back in The Day

Dethan Dario

In recent years, gaming has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, with millions of people around the world enjoying video games on a daily basis. 

However, the same cannot be said a few years back. 

Back then, male gamers, particularly those who exhibited masculine traits, were stigmatized due to the perception that playing video games was an activity only for children.

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Filipino content creator and streamer Eric “Eruption” Tai, who is well-known for his Greek God physique, shared his experience about the topic during a media interview at the Shooting Gallery Studios last Friday.

Eruption admitted that in the past, he would skip spending time with girls just to play at his favorite internet cafe in Makati City. However, he felt embarrassed to reveal his gaming hobby and would often come up with excuses instead.

“I was playing day in, day out. I’m willing to sacrifice, even though I was single back then, I would sacrifice dates, I would sacrifice girl time. Women would be like ‘you wanna come out and hang out with us?’ ‘let’s go to Batangas or something’ and I would always say ‘oh, may work ako’ but really, [i’m just gonna play],” said Eruption.

“Back then nahihiya yung mga tao, especially me, na mag-sabi na I’m playing games, i’m playing Dota. It wasn’t the ‘cool thing’ to do back then so instead of going out, I just keep on playing games rather than hanging out with friends,” he added.

Eruption recognized during the interview that the perception of gamers has shifted and the societal stigma attached to them has already dissipated.

He also thanked his wife for supporting him in his gaming path and for always motivating him to do his best.

Eruption is currently competing in the PBA Esports Bakbakan, where he was selected third overall in the influencers draft by the Magnolia Hotshots. He will team up with former MPL champion Yuji “Yuji” Aizawa, and professional basketball players Jackson Corpuz, James Laput, and Jerrick Ahanmisi.

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