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VCT LOCK//IN Viewership Soars to New Heights During LOUD vs NRG Showdown


The heated rivalry between North America’s NRG and LOUD was reignated once again on the sixth day of the VCT LOCK//IN tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The quarterfinal match was a closely contested affair, with both teams going back and forth on the scoreboard. However, LOUD emerged as the victors with a convincing 2-1 win over NRG, sending the North American team home.

The match was so intense that it broke the record for peak viewership for the tournament once again.

According to Esports Charts, the game drew 852,720 peak viewers, surpassing the previous record set by the match between LOUD and Karmine Corp on Day 4.

The first map, Split, saw LOUD dominate with a convincing 13-3 victory.

In the second game, NRG took an early lead on the Pearl map, but LOUD was defiant and pushed it to overtime. NRG tied the series on a thrilling 15-13 score.

The final map on Fracture was a true bloodbath, with both teams fighting fiercely for the win.

In the end, the Brazilians emerged as the winners with a clutch 18-16 score, securing their place in the semifinals.

NRG has been eliminated from the tournament, while LOUD is now set to face the Korean powerhouse squad DRX in the semifinals of the alpha bracket on March 2 at 2 p.m. Brazil time.

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