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Sneyking Wants To Eclipse OG’s Historic Two-Peat in TI

Dethan Dario

Tundra Esports team captain Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun made it known that he wants to eclipse OG’s historic back-to-back title run The International.

Fresh off a win against HellRaisers in the BetBoom Universe: Episode I – Comics Zone playoffs, Sneyking said that he wants to channel the ‘Kuro Mentality’ and get the next TI to have a shot at breaking OG’s record.

“It felt good for two seconds after lifting the Aegis and then I was like – I wanna win the next one. The Kuro (KuroKy) mentality, you know. You gotta get the next one and I want to beat the record,” said Sneyking.

“Obviously, I am getting ahead of myself, instead of once, I want to win three consecutive times to overcome OG’s titles and I think that would mean the world to me if I were ever to make that record a reality,” he added.

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OG came in as underdogs in TI 8 where they took down PSG.LGD in five games to claim their first-ever championship. The team then made another run at the title in TI 9 and eventually bagged the Aegis at the expense of Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi’s Team Liquid.

Sneyking said that winning a tournament as big as TI hits everyone differently. For his part, he said that he just wanted to continue playing and win as many as possible.

“I think there are definitely changes but I don’t think people’s attitudes or egos changed towards the game. But after such a big win, it hits everyone differently. Some people might be eager to win another one. Some people have already achieved the pinnacle, they might get less motivated. It is just different for everyone,” said Sneyking.

“I think, for us as a team, we definitely have some challenges after winning TI. I think we are definitely not in the right shape or form in terms of our teamplay and individual performance. We aspire to get better.”

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