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Ramzes Out of Darkside – To Help Rebuild Secret?


With Ramzes officially out of Darkside, there are speculations of him joining Team Secret for a rebuild.

The veteran EEU player’s future had been in question for several weeks due to ambiguity. There were rumors of him joining Old G with some of OG’s members, although the move failed to materialize.

However, there were now strong rumors on Ramzes joining Team Secret while they were rebuilding in Division II.

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His departure from Darkside was initially revealed by keen eyes on Liquipedia, with reference to official sources. The reference itself led to a voice note from Ramzes, with one minute duration on his future.

From the voice note, Ramzes revealed his uneasiness towards his future, but hinted a resolution with him joining a team after the DPC 2023 Tour I.

“Everything started pretty good in Darkside, but then went downhill. I don’t know what lies ahead. Let’s wait for this DPC Tour and Major to conclude and think what to do next.”

“I’m out of Darkside now, they will have another tournament soon, it will be played without me. Don’t know what’s going to happen next. I will wait until the Major is over, and will think about what to do.”

Latest rumors had Ramzes joining Team Secret with Malr1ne after the conclusion of Lima Major. However, there were no official comments yet regarding their status on Team Secret’s roster.

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