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xNova, Natsumi, Cause of BOOM Esports’ Downfall?


BOOM Esports downfall after acquiring star players such as Natsumi and xNova. Is this the end of the ‘star players’ trend?

Many initially expected BOOM to swiftly dominate DPC 2022 SEA Tour 1 after they acquired notable names. Players such as xNova, a TI finalist, and rising star Natsumi are within the roster of BOOM.

However, instead of succeeding, BOOM found themselves relegated to Division II after only getting two wins out of seven games.

Their lack of chemistry was evident in crucial moments of the game such as against Talon. Uncoordinated skill usage led to numerous team fight losses, resulting in team wipes or unfavorable exchanges against their opponents.

Crucially, this also led to them getting a 0-2 defeat against new teams such as Execration.

Many blamed their underperformance on the fact there were no ‘shot-callers’ within the team. The new support duo, Xepher and xNova, was not known for their shot-calling capability during games. They were in fact high-performing support with high mechanical skills but lacking leadership.

The loss of Skem and TIMS weighed heavily as the team lost their shot-callers during team fights.

With the relegation, fans were worried about the future of the roster itself. Many did not doubt that BOOM would be able to claw back into Division I. However, the question remains whether their star players would commit to the comeback or not.

All in all, it was a failed attempt by BOOM to have a ‘star roster’ which led them to a disastrous season.

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