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Team Secret CEO Hints Entry to MLBB


After the recent success of M4, Team Secret CEO teased the possibility of them entering the MLBB scene.

On his personal Facebook account, Team Secret CEO John Yao teased the possibility of acquiring an MLBB team. This, right after the conclusion of M4, MLBB’s most prestigious tournament.

Ever since the recent success of M4 in gaining millions of views, other esports teams had been interested in MLBB. John Yao also posted another tease tagging one of Secret’s managers based in PH, Yamyam Yui.

“PH MLBB free agents beasts, please feel free to msg Yamyam Yui ty,” read his post.

After the conclusion of M4, Team Secret’s official social media accounts teased the possibility of them participating in the MLBB esport scene themselves.

The organization’s Twitter immediately made a tweet by mentioning the official Twitter of MLBB as well. The tweet was curiously made right after the conclusion of M4, which ended with Echo’s dominant victory.

From the tweet, the organization was taking a liking to the future in entering the MLBB esports scene.

Team Secret had been no stranger to the esports scene since they were one of the veterans. Born from Dota professional scene, the organization had been a serial winner for several years running.

Their latest major achievement was achieving runner-up in The International 11, one of the best esports tournaments in the world.

However, fans were still speculating on which region they would be looking to invest in. The SEA region had already been on the verge of oversaturation to the point where new teams had to invest huge amounts of money in it.

On the other hand, in other regions such as NA and the Europe region MLBB scene was non-existent at the moment.

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