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Blacklist In Unusual Struggle At M4 Group Stage


Blacklist International unusually struggle during M4 after having to get through Tiebreakers to get into Upper Bracket.

M4 had delivered high quality of games with shares of upsets happening in the early days. Teams such as Blacklist International, who was initially expected to dominate M4, was unusually struggling.

Moreover, they had to went through tiebreakers in order to get into the Upper Bracket of the tournament.

At first, things were looking up for the M3 Champion as they beaten Burn x Team Flash comfortably. Blacklist looked in their elements, although there were some hiccups in plays that worried the fans.

However, their next match against Falcon Esports unexpectedly went south.

The M3 Champion was unable to match Falcon Esports’ intensity during their group match. They were dominated in every aspect, thanks to Falcon’s playmakers such as JustinN performing with Faramis.

As such, Blacklist was forced to go into tiebreakers to keep their Upper Bracket hope alive.

In their rematch against Falcon in the tiebreaker, Blacklist suffered another defeat which might blown their mentality off. However, they managed to bounce back during their match against Incendio Supremacy.

Therefore, they barely managed to get into the Upper Bracket, although fans were rightly nervous about their chances to retain championship.

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