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Quinn Debuts with Gladiators at BetBoom Xmas Show


Quinn successfully debuted with Gaimin’ Gladiators at BetBoom Xmas Show after making it to the Upper Bracket Final.

Gaimin’ Gladiators had proven their investment in Quinn was worth it during BetBoom Xmas Show. They managed to get into the Upper Bracket Final by beating two strong teams, Nemiga Gaming and Virtus.Pro.

Quinn’s performance during the two games was also highlighted to be quality.

Gladiators’ game against Nemiga was seen to be a stomp with Quinn picking up his signature hero. His Leshrac was seen to be almost immortal as his death only reached four across two games.

With Quinn’s Leshrac, Gladiators went past Nemiga to the next tournament stage.

Virtus.Pro learned from Nemiga’s matches and banned Quinn’s signature hero during their match. However, in turn, it opens up other powerful heroes for Gladiators, such as Legion Commander and Broodmother.

Due to their draft inflexibility, Virtus.Pro lost two straight games against them, going into the Lower Bracket.

Fans noticed Quinn’s addition to the team gave Gladiators an advantage in drafting heroes. They were able to guarantee one ban for Quinn at least and freed up space for another hero to pick.

With this kind of draft advantage, Gladiators will look to take it to the next level during official tournaments.

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