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Old G Faces Defeat in Closed Qualifier; Fails to Enter Division II


Although their roster was complete enough to compete in theory, Old G failed to qualify for DPC 2023 WEU Division II.

Fans of the TI-winning roster of OG would have to be disappointed with their idols’ efforts. Due to complacency and almost no scrim or practice, Old G failed to qualify for DPC 2023 WEU Division II.

They managed to lose two games in a row, against both Ooredoo Thunder and Monaspa.

Old G was up against Ooredoo Thunder in the Upper Bracket Final of the Closed Qualifier, Many expected them to overwhelm their opponent due to the sheer talent they had. However, Ooredoo instead rolled over the Old G 2-0 without any real fight from the veterans.

This meant Old G descent into the Lower Bracket, where Monaspa awaits.

The same thing happened during their Lower Bracket Final match against Monaspa. All of the games went one-sided in favor of Monaspa, as Old G struggled to even leave an impact on the game. Unorthodox picks such as Sniper in midlane also contributed to their failures.

Old G even suffered the shame of getting ‘fountain farmed’ by Monaspa during one of the matches.

With this defeat, Old G proved how unpracticed veterans won’t be able to automatically beat motivated and properly trained young players. Both Monaspa and Ooredoo Thunder clearly did their homework and scrim to prepare against Old G.

The defeat also set an alarming trend for the players who were still trying to compete professionally in Old G. Topson, MSS, and NoOne suffered a reputational hit due to this defeat.

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