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Arkosh 2.0 Fails to Qualify After Qojqva’s Bragging


Ever since rebranding itself with streamers as its players, Arkosh 2.0 fails to qualify. This, after Qojqva’s bragging.

Although the players were regarded to be veterans of the scene, Arkosh failed to qualify for the 2023 DPC NA Division 2. The players themselves weren’t able to compete against Tier 2 players with a more serious mindset in competing.

As such, Arkosh will not be competing in the upcoming DPC season due to their defeat.

Their first defeat came against BSJ’s stack in the qualifier on the first match of the Closed Qualifier. The players themselves looked shocked by the defeat and felt the morale dropping down drastically.

After the defeat, internal strife was captured during their stream of the Closed Qualifier games.

Although they managed to win one of their Lower Bracket game, their run ended against monopoly. During their stream, many internal disputes were captured, starting with Febby controversially captaining the team in a ‘dictator’ style. Xcalibur also gets tilted during games, even the one they won.

As a result of these disputes, they went on to lose a total defeat against monopoly.

Qojqva infamous for bragging against the North American region backfired as his team bombed in the Closed Qualifier. Fans’ reactions were ruthless as they felt the team disrespected their opponents too much. They felt it was only right for Arkosh to lose in the qualifier.

Although some of the comments were too much, there were calls for the streamers to retire from Dota professional scene as well.

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