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DPC Closed Qualifier: Meracle and SsaSpartan Struggle


Both veterans of the scene, Meracle and SsaSpartan, struggle during their time in the 2023 DPC Closed Qualifier.

Another sign of the new generation taking over the Dota professional scene can be seen in the 2023 DPC Closed Qualifier. Veterans of the scene, most notably Meracle and SsaSpartan, struggled in their own qualifiers.

Although it was unfortunate for both players, this also meant the regeneration of talents for the Dota professional scene.

Meracle, with his team Drink Water, struggled in the Upper Bracket of the 2023 DPC SEA Closed Qualifier. They lost their series against Yangon Galacticos, comprised of new young players from Myanmar.

They would need to struggle for their qualification in the Lower Bracket of the Closed Qualifier, at risk of elimination.

In the other region, Monaspa performed subpar during their match against Ooredoo Thunders. Fans were expecting more from the veterans of the scene since they had multiple major-attending players.

However, what they saw from the team was a total defeat of 0-2 against the Ooredoo Thunders.

Although the veterans were struggling, the same did not apply to the TI winners, Old G. Although their victories were not clean, they managed to march further into the Upper Bracket of the DPC 2023 WEU Closed Qualifier.

Chances of qualifying were thought to be high due to the overwhelming amount of talent inside the team.

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