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Dyrachyo: We Kicked BOOM, He Needs Lessons


Dyrachyo revealed in an interview that Gaimin’ Gladiators kicked BOOM since he was ‘inappropriate’ and needed ‘lessons’.

A revelation was made by Dyrachyo during his interview with Cybersports about his former midlaner, BOOM. Turns out the midlaner was kicked from the team, instead of leaving the team by mutual consent.

The carry player further revealed how ‘inappropriate conduct’ was behind the young midlaner’s kicking from the team.

During the interview, Dyrachyo revealed several things about his time with Gaimin’ Gladiators. It included the time of their bootcamp just before The International 11. It seemed that during the bootcamp, the team didn’t go off to a good start.

Part of this was contributed by BOOM’s behavior during the bootcamp.

Dyrachyo thought that the team relaxed too much, leading to subpar performance during the tournament. He also specified a problem with BOOM during the bootcamp, although he did not reveal it further.

However, he still wished the best for his former teammate and hoped for his success on Team Secret.

BOOM himself would have big shoes to fill on Team Secret after Nisha’s departure. Many fans were anxious to see whether he could replicate Nisha’s performance or not.

However, they were also looking forward to Puppey’s influence on the young player in the future.

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