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23savage First Player to Hit 13K MMR


23savage showed his determination by becoming the first player to hit 13K MMR in Dota public MMR leaderboard.

Although 23savage did not have the best season in 2022, it became his motivation. His drive to become a better player can be seen by becoming the first player to reach 13,000 (13K) MMR.

By reaching the height of a new MMR leaderboard, the young carry player proved his motivation to be better.

His latest climb was seen while he was streaming his public games to reach the MMR. Although his last game was quite difficult, 23savage managed to win the game with his signature, Naga Siren.

The game itself was quite ‘stacked’, as almost all of the players were professional.

His opponents were including Gabbi, Yopaj, and avataRmod, who is a rising star in the SEA Dota scene. 23savage himself was matched up with TIMS, who were quite impactful during the course of the game.

With his victory, he officially claimed the title of the player with the highest MMR currently.

Fans greeted the news with joy as they felt 23savage had a big potential ahead of him. Although he was recently facing a downward turn in his career, many were sure he would be able to comeback stronger.

Currently, he would be facing the next DPC season with Talon Esports.

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