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Topson Initially Wanted to Join ‘Serious’ Team


While streaming, Topson confessed that he initially wanted to join a more serious team rather than ‘Old G’.

Ever since his recruitment to the Old G, many thought that Topson finally left the professional scene for good. His latest stint with T1 was unsuccessful, and joining Old G was considered to be his way of ‘retiring’.

However, Topson explained that he actually wanted to join a more ‘serious’ team initially.

While streaming, Topson saw one of the questions regarding him joining Old G. He quickly mentioned that his primary motivation was purely to have fun.

“I just decided to play some Dotes,” Topson said during his stream.

“Thought about joining a more serious team, but then I was thinking back.”

Topson continued thinking about dedicating all of his time again to Dota. However, he felt he wanted to play ‘on his own terms, rather than rigidly following a team’s schedule.

“I get to stream, I get to be with my family. And at the same time, play some Dota.”

It seemed that Topson would want to relax and have fun in the current season by joining Old G. Ceb also explained that the team would play with zero pressure, and focused on just ‘having fun’ rather than playing for majors and tournaments.

However, Topson also added that he would see ‘how it goes,’ and did not deny a potential return to the professional Dota scene, based on his performance with Old G.

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