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New Promos for Funbet8, New Bettors Advantages


With the launch of Funbet8, there will be numerous promos on the website. Take a look inside to increase your betting advantages!

The first advantageous promo would be the New User Promotions and Bonuses. Promotions would be applied to all members with MYR currency in their accounts.

The minimum deposit for the new player to qualify would be 100 MYR, and the bonus would be 100%. More information can be seen here.

The Daily Deposit promotion also offered attractive bonuses for bettors. Just by depositing, bettors could gain bonuses of up to 15% of their deposit. The previous terms apply to the players needing to deposit with the MYR currency.

More of the promotion information can be seen here.

The Birthday Bonus also offers a lucrative bonus for bettors as well. With a bonus of up to MYR 2,388, bettors playing on their birthday will be given this exciting bonus!

Detailed information on the promo for the Funbet8 Birthday Bonus can be seen FB8’s official website.

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