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Ceb: We Are Back Only to Have Fun


Ceb explained in an announcement with JMR Luna and Topson that they are back in the Dota scene only to “have fun”.

The old OG roster has returned in the form of “Old G” ever since they went on separate ways. Although the return is not with the entire roster, three of their members were enough to return in a way.

However, Ceb explained that they are back only to “have fun”, not seriously competing in tournaments.

In the recent announcement video made by OG, Ceb and Topson were talking with the CEO JMR Luna. The legendary offlaner explained that they were just going to relax in WEU DPC Division 2 without taking anything seriously.

“Yeah, we’re gonna just chill in Div 2, we’re hoping to have some games against Gorgc,” he told.

However, since they don’t have a slot, they would need to start from the Open Qualifier for Division 2. Ceb was even prepared for the fact that they might not even make it to Division 2 due to the heavy competition.

“Basically, we kinda said that we’re gonna have a certain amount of games that we’re gonna play together at certain times of the year.”

The team also had the understanding that they would treat these games only as “scrims” or even “Battle Cup”. It seems they would somehow be returning to the Dota pro scene. They’re using Division 2 to keep their match sharpness up.

Although the team properly explained their purpose, fans were still excited by the prospect of seeing Ceb and the gang back together.

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