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BetBoom Announces ‘Super’ EEU Team


BetBoom announced their own version of a ‘super’ EEU team comprising of both a TI winner and veterans.

There would be a potential power shift in the EEU region with BetBoom announcing their own ‘super’ roster. Although Team Spirit remains the unquestionable leader of the EEU region, their position might be contested now.

BetBoom’s roster consists of several young veterans with the hunger to win, and TI winner TORONTOTOKYO.

The roster was announced from BetBoom’s Twitter account which garnered several excitement from their fans.

BetBoom’s confirmed roster:

  1. Pure
  2. Gpk-
  3. Nightfall
  4. Save-
  5. TORONTOTOKYO (Captain)

With several veterans and young players mixed into the team, both performance and ambition would not be a question for this roster. However, the chemistry problem remains a highlight for them.

Fans’ immediate reaction was to doubt their ability to have a solid chemistry with each other. They felt most of the players were ’tilters’ who would crumble in time of pressure. Gpk- was the one under most scrutiny due to his tendency to get into trouble with his mentality.

However, at the same time, many thought the team also had the potential to be the best EEU team ever, dethroning Team Spirit.

Most of the attention remain focused on TORONTOTOKYO, who would be shifting to hard support from the midlane. Fans were expressing their suprise, as they felt that the young midlaner was just entering his prime as a midlaner.

There were also opinions that TORONTOTOKYO was a natural-born shotcaller and captain, seen from Team Spirit’s documentary. They felt that the player had the most affinity to be a captain in the EEU region.

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