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Ex-EG Stars Reunite Under Alameda 2018 in NA


Players formerly from EG finally have their future cleared up as they reunite under the team named Alameda 2018 based in NA.

Although their future was up in the airs for a period of time, ex-players of EG went to clear up their future. They will be sticking together with the exception of Nightfall, and their offlaner remainsTBA.

The ex-EG players will play and reunite under the moniker of ‘Alameda 2018’.

The announcement was made by the captain himself, Tal “Fly” Aizik on his private Twitter. He posted a roster consisting of:

  1. Arteezy
  2. Abed
  3. ???
  4. Cr1t
  5. Fly (Captain)

Fly also mentioned the return of Bulba who would be their coach for the next season. This particular announcement of their coach drew some criticisms from their loyal and diehard fans.

The criticism was mainly aimed them, keeping the same roster coached the controversial Bulba himself. There were fans who even thought that the former EG players done this to secure “easy sponsor money” instead of competitive integrity.

However, there were also a minority of fans who remained excited with the return of the favorite players.

As the offlane remained mystery, many fans were theorizing on who Alameda 2018 could signed. There were opinions who thought Iceiceice should return to the roster, as they were dominating during their time together.

With Iceiceice also teasing his return to the roster, the team could potentially go back to their winning ways.

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