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N0tail Rumored to Return With Ceb and Arteezy


Ever since retiring for the 2021-2022 DPC Season, N0tail seemed to be ready to return with Ceb, and a surprising addition of Arteezy.

Although rumors were supposed to be believable, the recent ones have been outrageous to the fans. However, the validity seemed to be true as many members of the professional scene indirectly confirmed the rumor.

The latest rumor being N0tail rebuilding a team with his old OG teammates, Jerax and Ceb. N0tail, then, added a more surprising addition by including NoOne and Arteezy.

The first identified rumor was from one of the current OG players themselves, Taiga. He said in Qojqva’s stream that players of the “old OG” would play again in the DPC. However, it was not identified yet which players would return to play the DPC.

More players have then revealed the roster which surprised many fans of the “old OG”.

A famous Dota insider from Russia, Spiralka, leaked further by posting flags of the supposed players. By the look of the nationality, the players would be N0tail representing Denmark, Jerax for Finland, and Ceb for France. This left the American flag and Ukrainian flag unknown.

Many fans speculated that the American flag would be for Arteezy, and Ukrainian flag for NoOne playing the offlane role.

Fans themselves were still in disbelief of the rumor since it was “ridiculous” enough to be the truth. However, with the number of insiders posting the leaks, many were anticipating the “old OG” members returning together in a team.

Some of the fans thought that the American flag would represent another player, such as Quinn, instead of Arteezy.

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