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Qojqva: I Felt Sorry For Kuku During TI11


Qojqva felt sorry for his fellow professional player, Kuku, for the backlash he received during The International 11.

The amount of abuse Kuku received during The International 11 had many professional players concerned. One of them was Qojqva, a former player of Team Liquid who was looking to get back into the scene.

Qojqva said on his stream that he felt sorry for Kuku during the tournament’s qualifier due to the abuses towards him.

During the stream, Qojqva conveniently picked Venomancer for offlane and gets reminded of Kuku. Kuku’s infamous tendency to pick Venomancer during TI11 Qualifiers had earned him abuse from the fans.

Remembering about it, Qojqva immediately said, “It’s not Kuku’s fault, okay?”

“I feel bad for Kuku for getting all the flame, man. What are you gonna do if you got ana and Topson on your team? No one is ever going to flame Topson.”

Qojqva said the same with ana, implying that since both of them were TI winners, they were sort of “immune” to criticisms. He felt that Kuku was “tanking” all the hate coming for the team’s failure to qualify.

However, he also felt that Kuku himself was not completely blameless for their failures. Kuku’s inability to play “control” heroes cost them their draft flexibility. This also led to T1’s getting easily exploited by their opponents during the qualifiers.

“I think the problem with Kuku’s heroes, I think he played a lot of hero without stuns, yeah, like lockdown.”

“He played heroes like Nature’s Prophet, Venomancer. I think the offlane hero pool at TI11 was good, was just different from what he played. And I think that was a big problem.”

Kuku is now back in the Philippines on Blacklist after leaving T1 due to the team being disbanded.

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