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BOOM Loses Another Pillar With Skem Leaving


Another pillar of BOOM had taken an exit from the team as Skem departs the team for a new opportunity. Since Skem’s exit, BOOM is now down to two players.

BOOM lost another pillar in their roster as they let out the news of Skem exiting the team. His exit came as a surprise as fans thought Skem to be the de facto captain of the team.

However, this also opened opportunities for both BOOM to look for other players, and Skem to join other teams.

BOOM announced the departure of the veteran Dota player from their various social media accounts, including Twitter. They thanked Skem for his time playing with BOOM, and also wished him luck in the future.

Curiously, they also added an exciting message of “We’ll see you soon, Andrei,” indicating they may meet in the future as opponents.

Fans were speculating about the replacement of the veteran support player. There were rumors floating that BOOM managed to secure the signature of serial winner xNova.

However, the validity of the rumor was still in question as there was no concrete evidence yet. There were opinions that xNova joining the team would boost the team to a higher level.

Skem’s future himself was still up in the clouds, as he had not announced his new team yet. The new Blacklist team might have been his next destination as they were still looking for players.

However, there were also strong rumors that Skem would be rebuilding the new Geek Fam’s team. He would be the team’s carry, switching to a new position again.

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