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BOOM Esports Sponsor Potentially Leaks New Roster


Fans of BOOM Esports are curious about the latest lineup that their team’s sponsor, Rivalry, tweeted, which seemed to be a leak of their new roster.

The shuffle inside the SEA region was still completely kept in a wrap, with a limit on leaks. It would seem that teams are now trying to keep their new roster secret before announcing them. And they might have done it successfully.

However, a surprising potential “leak” for the new roster of BOOM Esports came from none other than their sponsors themselves, Rivalry.

Rivalry was seen tweeting about a “deadly” roster that could potentially be for BOOM. The roster itself consisted of Raven as carry, Yopaj as midlaner, and Fbz remaining as the offlaner. The support duo was also seen as quite dangerous, with Xepher and xNova being the soft and hard support.

Curiously, the official source itself had replied to the “leak” candidly, creating waves among the fans.

The official Twitter account of BOOM Esports made a reply to the tweet with a simple reply. “Looks good” was the message they wrote in response to Rivalry’s speculation post for the roster.

Fans were interpreting the message as an unofficial “confirmation” regarding the roster itself. However, with no official words yet regarding the roster, many still interpret the message as “playing along” with the sponsor’s speculation.

The roster itself, should it be accurate, is quite strong and able to contend in international competitions. It would not even be surprising if the roster could compete for the Top 2 in a Major, if they manage to find the chemistry.

However, many were still wondering who will captain the roster, as not one player in the roster is a “shotcaller”.

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