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Nikobaby to Stand-in For Team SMG in APAC League in Tokyo


Although Nikobaby said he is not returning to the professional scene, he is now standing-in for Team SMG in APAC Predator League 2022 in Tokyo.

Despite Nikobaby’s desire to discontinue as a professional, it would seem his competitive spirit remains strong. Nikobaby would be representing Team SMG as a stand-in in the APAC Predator League 2022 to be held in Japan.

It would be the first huge tournament in the country, and a perfect proving ground for Nikobaby, whether he was still in top-tier or not.

The tournament itself is already one year in the making, with the announcement video dating back to 2021. It would seem that the organizer timed the tournament with the re-opening of Japan’s border for tourists.

Although the euphoria was high, fans are wondering about Nikobaby’s surprise inclusion into Team SMG.

Fans were looking forward to seeing Nikobaby’s performance during the tournament. It would seem that this is a sign of him not quitting professional Dota yet. Although some might also infer this as his last try at Dota’s competitive scene before retiring for good.

However, some also hoped that Nikobaby won’t continue his stint with Team SMG. The team was not fully trusted by fans anymore due to the TI11 late registration controversy, which arguably cost Iceiceice his TI11 appearance as a player.

Many were also wondering what would happen to his initial pledge for streaming if he does well with Team SMG. Ever since his positive performance with Mineski, many thought that Nikobaby’s gameplay suits SEA Dota’s chaotic gameplay well.

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