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Team Spirit’s recent movements have been leaked, specifically the team’s newest midlaner!

Although it is still early in the season, Team Spirit’s roster has been leaked due to scrims. It seems they will be sticking with Larl, the former midlaner for BetBoom who crashed out of The International 11 quite early.

With Larl’s inclusion, Team Spirit’s hunt for a new midlaner should be ending soon. However, since it remains unofficial, many fans are still cautious about the rumor.

Larl’s inclusion in Team Spirit was revealed due to NaVi’s scrims against Team Spirit. One of the members incidentally revealed the whole roster. This leak also resulted in Navi’s new roster now known to the fans.

The match history also almost revealed the heroes they were practicing, although it was qLarluickly closed.

Larl himself was relatively new to the Dota 2 professional scene. He made his first professional appearance in 2021 with VP.Prodigy, and started to make waves with his achievements during his time playing with Winstrike.

The young midlaner also had achievements with BetBoom, finishing first in several online tournaments and qualifiers.

With Larl’s addition to the team, many fans are hoping that Larl could bring back the passion to the team. His young attitude and hunger to win would surely affect the rest of the team as well.

Ever since winning The International 10, Team Spirit might have motivation problems. Therefore, Larl’s addition to the roster made sense from every other angle.

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