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With the victory of Tundra Esports at The International 11, Ephey claims that Aui (commonly known as Aui_2000) is the best coach in Dota.

Although their victory was still recent, many have already given praise to Tundra’s lineup. However, one of The International 11 panelists, Ephey, also mentioned the “backroom staff” of the organization.

Ephey credited Tundra’s victory to be partly due to Aui and his coaching since he had many “brilliant ideas”.

The panelists were at first talking about Tundra’s accomplishment during The International 11. Ephey immediately started talking about Aui’s work as a coach and mentioned his previous failings with the “meme team” Arkosh Gaming.

“After failing to qualify with Arkosh, Aui immediately started working on his coaching seriously. He only started coaching competitively fairly recently,” Ephey mentioned during the panel.

“He joined Tundra halfway through, and he has done such an incredible job. I mean, as far as coaching debuts go, I do think Aui has the best results, probably ever.”

“I do think he’s currently one of the best minds we have right now on Dota.”

Aui, more commonly known as Aui_2000, has not been a stranger to Dota communities, especially to the veterans. He was more famously remembered as one of EG’s players to win The International.

With this achievement, although he only coached recently, Aui became the first to win The International as both a player and a coach. This achievement puts him as one of the greats of Dota 2.

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