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Kuku Acknowledges His Fault, Praises Topson and Ana


During his stream, Kuku acknowledged his fault on many points, including drafting problems, and praised both Topson and Ana.

Although the fans’ response was rather harsh for the Filipino captain, Kuku faced the “music” bravely. During his stream, Kuku admitted his fault which resulted in T1 not getting through the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier.

He prefers that fans criticized himself instead of others such as T1’s former coach, March, since he was the one drafting during the LCQ.

Some of his points were translated on Reddit, since he was talking in Tagalog. He admitted that his performance was bad during the qualifier, and that affected the team’s results.

However, he made some defense regarding his preference to draft Venomancer during the qualifier itself.

Kuku explained that the hero was “unbeatable” during their scrims, and they had won four scrims in a row with the hero. With Xepher’s liking the hero as well, Kuku felt empowered to prioritize the hero during the drafts.

Obviously, this does not translate well into the official games, and their Venomancer pick got punished because of it.

On the other hand, Kuku also mentioned that both Topson and Ana were “top professional” during their games. They had no ego even after winning two TIs, and were willing to go with the team’s direction.

However, Kuku mentioned that Ana did not fit with his captaining style, which might have contributed to his underperformance. He mentioned that Ana need a captain similar to either Ceb or N0tail.

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