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Team Aster’s Ori: SEA Server Is Full Of Noobs


During The International 11 press conference, Team Aster’s Ori told that SEA server is “full of noobs”, although jokingly.

With the finals of The International 11 approaching, the hype level for the tournament is slowly increasing again. Due to a five days break, Valve felt the need to create content by having a press conference for the final four teams.

In one of the interviews for Team Aster, Ori explained his fondness for the SEA server by saying that it’s “full of noobs”. The team also agreed by saying that the server is “Free MMR” for them.

“I enjoy playing pub games in SEA. It’s full of noobs.”

His teammate, Monet, also weighs in his own opinions regarding SEA pubs. He seems to agree with Ori’s take, and elaborated on the “Free MMR” part.

“I really like the pubs here in SEA. I’ve got a lot of free MMR because of it.”

However, the questions for Team Aster did not stop there. They were also asked about the preparation for TI11, and also old tournament contents such as the “1 vs 1 Mid Mini-Tournament”.

Ori quickly answered that he does not mind having the mini-tournament since he would beat all of his opponents regardless.

Their preparation was also unique and each had its own quirks. Monet seems to have undergone an appearance change by dyeing his hair, while Xxs bought a Battle Pass to further customize his heroes.

The support player “Siamese.C” also explained that he would rather trust his teammate than pray to the temple this time. He explained that last year, his prayers to the temple were rather ineffective and they got eliminated all the same.

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