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While streaming his games, Topson confidently predicted Team Liquid will win The International 11 citing its ‘unstoppable’ momentum.

After failing to qualify for The International 11 with T1, Topson resumed streaming from the SEA region. In between the public games, he tried to answer the questions of his viewers regarding the future.

One of which was about The International 11 winners, which Topson predicted would be Team Liquid.

Topson was queueing for a game while trying to answer questions from his viewers. He immediately noticed a question regarding the eventual winners of The International 11. Topson confidently answered with a short sentence.

“Yeah. Liquid for sure (winners of The International 11).”

Topson then mentioned how it was an excellent year to be a WEU player due to their performance as of late. He said there would be only one Chinese team, Aster, that could still hope to prevent an all-EU finals.

However, even Topson was pessimistic about Team Aster’s chances to make it to the Grand Final.

“But, EU [is] so strong guys. EU so strong,” he said.

From the brackets themselves, Team Aster would have to get past the predicted winner Team Liquid first. Then, they would have to go up against the eventual loser of the Team Secret – Tundra Esports match. These teams are still on the momentum which would be hard to stop.

However, fans themselves had a consensus that there were no clear favorites for the tournament winner. They felt that all teams deserved to be in the finals due to their wonderful performances so far.

Team Aster had to beat PSG.LGD in order to get this far, while Team Liquid stopped Thunder Awaken’s performance throughout the playoffs.

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