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Ceb hints at his return as a player after OG exited from The International 11, although he technically never fully retired.

After OG exited The International 11 due to losing against Team Liquid, fans were vocally disappointed. They thought that the current iteration of OG could achieve Top 3, or even win the tournament itself.

The sentiment was almost echoed by Ceb himself, who hinted at his desire to return as a professional player.

From his official Twitter account, Ceb expressed his frustration with OG’s exit from The International. He mentioned that competition this year was “rough”, and that it was even “harder” to only watch from the sidelines.

Many fans inferred that this was a hint from Ceb to return to the professional scene once again.

Ceb himself had never been fully retired as a player. He had been standing in for OG in some tournaments, one of which resulted in a tournament victory at ESL ONE Stockholm 2022. His standing-in was due to the result of Misha failing to get a visa for some tournaments.

Since his victory at the Stockholm Major, there were segments of fans calling for Ceb’s permanent inclusion on the roster.

Fans were having opinions regarding Misha’s performance and OG’s performance with Ceb as a player. They thought OG had a better performance while playing with Ceb instead of Misha.

However, there were also opinions that Misha himself is integral to the roster. He was the one that put together the whole OG roster, recruiting young talented players to the team.

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