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Return of the Kween: Blacklist International Reclaims MPL PH Crown

Dethan Dario

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – The return of OhMyV33nus, alongside Wise, did not break its promise after the squad have reclaimed its crown, taking down ECHO Esports in the season 10 of MPL Philippines on Sunday, October 23.

This season, Edward has claimed the title of Finals MVP with his stellar performance during the grandfinals duel.

MPL PH Season 10 Finals: Blacklist International vs ECHO Recap

Blacklist International drew first blood in the series after Wise’s clean performance shook ECHO after 15 quick minutes.

The disciplined agents took an early lead, eventually marching for a GG push alongside their free Lord in the 15th minute of the game.

ECHO Esports, however, was unfazed after their team effort paid off, taking the second game of the series.

Unlike the first game, ECHO dictated the pace of the game after taking the first kill of the game 2:20 minutes in.

This momentum-feeding objectives helped the team with their aggressive plays, closing every window of opportunity on Blacklist International.

Ahead with 9k gold, the all-star squad closed the game 16:38 minutes in. Yawi took the MVP of the game with 1-1-8 KDA on his Valir.

The second game win has blessed ECHO with the confidence, taking its winning energy up to the third game.

Similar to the second game, the purple orcas took control of the map as early as the first minutes. Yawi’s Jawhead took the aggressive route after taking every tough positioning which had shutdown Blacklist’s movements.

The team’s strong rotations and positioning have completely disabled the reigning M3 champs, eventually taking the game after 15:31 minutes. Yawi once again took the MVP with his clean 3-0-8 finish.

Afraid with a possible reverse sweep, Blacklist International stepped up their game under the wings of Edward’s Benedetta.

With their semi-aggressive lineup, the agents have completely dismantled ECHO every clash, ending the game 6-22 in the 17th minute of the game.

Following through with their stolen momentum, the agents drafted another aggressive lineup, this time revolving around V33nus’ Lolita pick.

Handed with her signature hero, the ‘Kween’ had setup multiple opportunities for the team. This time, the team appeared hungry for a finish, ending the game in just under 14 minutes.

Hadji’s powerful performance on Pharsa with 8-1-9 handed him the MVP of the game.

Edward’s powerful performance on Pharsa with 8-1-9 handed him the MVP of the game.

Hungry for more, Blacklist International ended their championship journey with another disciplined performance, ending the series with a low scoreboard, 3-9, in just 17 minutes.

This win for the TierOne-backed organization is a reclamation of the title after the squad failed to defend their title in Season 9 after its core players V33Wise took a break for one season.

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