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BOOM, Last SEA Hope At TI11 Eliminated by PSG.LGD


The last SEA hope for The International 11, BOOM Esports, unfortunately had to exit the tournament after losing to PSG.LGD at Lower Bracket.

Although they were on a momentum after beating Team Spirit, BOOM had to exit The International 11 in the next round. PSG.LGD were the team that beat BOOM by 2-0 without any real resistance.

With BOOM’s elimination, there were no longer any hope of Southeast Asian team winning the first The International held in SEA.

BOOM tried to fight valiantly against the vastly superior PSG.LGD. Fans were also hoping that BOOM could carry their form while facing the finalist of TI10. However, PSG.LGD proved to be too much for the SEA team due to difference in both chemistry and skill.

LGD managed to eliminate the last hope for SEA in short games, both game lasted below 40 minutes.

The first game became an obvious domination by the Chinese contender. PSG.LGD played aggressive with XinQ leading the charge with his ganks. BOOM tried to resist their aggression, but they cannot keep up and kept losing skirmishes.

BOOM tapped out at the 29th minute and tried to recompose themselves for the next game.

Unfortunately, PSG.LGD continued to show dominance even in the second game. Although BOOM were leading in the first 20 minutes, LGD quickly mounted a comeback and finished the game in one swoop.

BOOM’s valiant effort to mount another comeback were denied by Faith_Bian’s amazing performance, and they had to exit the tournament after losing 2-0.

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