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VP (Virtus Pro) wasted no time in departing with their most controversial player, Ramzes, right after TI11 LCQ loss.

After failing their chances to compete in The International 11, VP wasted no time changing their roster. The first change VP made was to announce Ramzes’ contract expiration as their carry.

With Ramzes departure, VP is now looking for a new carry for the upcoming season.

VP announced their carry’s departure after the end of their LCQ campaign. Virtus Pro elaborated that Ramzes contract is up until the end of The International 11. Therefore, by mutual decision, both Ramzes and Virtus Pro decided to part ways.

However, due to the ongoing The International 11, it was still unclear who Virtus Pro would go for after Ramzes departure.

With Virtus Pro, Ramzes came close to qualifying for The International 11 several times. They were involved in the controversial decision by Valve to deduct their DPC points, handing over their qualification to Fnatic as a result.

Moreover, they were denied entry to TI11 after losing to BetBoom during the Regional Qualifiers.

Virtus Pro entered the Last Chance Qualifier as one of the contenders to qualify. However, they were faced with the task of facing a humongous team from WEU, Team Secret, and Team Liquid.

They proceeded to lose against both teams, which resulted in their early departure from the tournament. This led to Ramzes’ exiting the roster as well since his contract is only up to TI11 completion.

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