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TI Day 1: EG Dominates ‘Group Of Hell’

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TI Day 1: EG Dominates ‘Group Of Hell’


EG (Evil Geniuses) manages to dominate “Group of Hell” at Group A with three straight wins, including against PSG.LGD.

Although not many expected them to perform well, EG shows up and dominate the “Group of Hell” in Day 1. They first defeated their fellow NA team, Soniqs, by 2-0, and was expected to draw their next two games at least.

However, EG instead went on to cruise the rest of the Day 1 Group matches, beating OG and PSG.LGD.

Their first match against Soniqs went swimmingly as they crushed Soniqs for two straight games. The first game became a Nightfall show as his Beastmaster dominated the entire game, pushing Soniqs to GG out at the 32nd minutes.

The second game ended faster with Abed’s turn of showing his prowess with Invoker, and Arteezy going online with Terrorblade. EG took the match 2-0.

EG went on to another victory against one of the strong contender for TI11, PSG.LGD. The first game went on quickly at around 29 minutes with EG dominating the entire game.

However, PSG.LGD almost staged a comeback in the second game, with the duration dragging to 50 minutes. However, EG once again managed to close out the game with their victory.

Their final match against OG was initially closer than the other matches they had in Day 1. The first game went on to 50 minutes with back and forth between the team, although EG went on to win again.

Second game of the match went with the usual EG stomps as they finished the game in around 20 minutes.

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