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Gpk Flames Gabbi, SEA Region: ‘Win Some Tournaments’


A spicy rivalry is going on between Gpk and SEA players, especially Gabbi, after a heated exchange during a pub game in SEA region.

Tempers usually flare up after a particularly intense pub games, which may lead up to someone flaming an entire region. Gpk, renowned for his toxicity in pubs, flamed SEA region during a pub match with Gabbi and other players.

He claimed that SEA region’s “Rank 500” was “Rank 2000” in WEU region, and asked them to win a TI.

The conversation started right after Gpk’s team was losing heavily against Gabbi. When the game wasn’t going well for his team, he kept getting voice chats and tipped all game.

Gpk immediately flamed the whole region by saying that “Rank 500” in SEA equals to “Rank 2000 in WEU”. Gabbi looked amused by Gpk’s reaction and all-chat during the game.

Gabbi’s other teammates goaded Gpk further by comparing VP to The International current winners, Team Spirit. They also went on to goad Gpk further by comparing Gpk to the Chinese midlaner, Paparazzi.

Gpk was seething by the flames, and flamed back with derogatory words to both Paparazzi and SEA server.

Sensing Gpk’s rage in the game, Gabbi triggered him further by flaming Gpk’s choice of words during the game. Gpk immediately reply by flaming Gabbi and asking his team to end the game quickly.

The game ended in 20 minutes with Gabbi’s team victory, while Gpk left the game fairly quickly after it ended.

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