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Ceb: Valve Not Trying Their Best With Dota


Ceb and other professional players are under distress by the fact that Valve is not trying its best with Dota.

Although Dota was thriving recently in terms of the game itself, the esports scene haven’t been seeing improvements. This notion was supported by the fact that Valve delegated TI11 to third-party organizers.

Many professional players, including Ceb, also thought the same thing and felt Valve was not “trying anymore” in regard to Dota.

During a podcast with OG’s Monkey Business show, Ceb explained his worries over Dota. He elaborated that Dota was the “best game ever” due to the client and the state of the game itself.

However, he felt the professional scene haven’t received the same love from Valve like the base game itself.

“I tried other games, and I still think Dota is the best game ever. But, can Valve start trying? It’s not going to be the best game forever, and it’s alive only because of the base game.”

“I don’t know if these things can stay forever. I wish Valve capitalize on how good the game is, with advertisement and others.”

Ceb continued by saying he felt demoralized by Valve’s inaction regarding the promotion of Dota itself. He clarified that he always trusted Valve to do the right thing for Dota over the years.

However, he was losing some of that trust due to the recent changes Valve had done to the game and its community.

Community members reaction to Ceb’s opinion were positive, and they felt Dota have been slipping away as well. They hoped that Valve could do more to the game, and not just in terms of gameplay and UI updates.

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