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Miracle to Take a Break, Kuroky Moves to Inactive Roster


Rumors have been swirling ever since Nigma failed to qualify for TI11. With Miracle taking a break and Kuroky going inactive.

After a lackluster campaign in The International 11 Qualifier, many were questioning Nigma Galaxy’s future. Some were convinced that the team would disband, while others still hope for them to stick together.

However, the latest rumor seemed to suggest otherwise as two of their members would be gone from the active roster.

Fishman, one of the players from Entity, has well-connected sources from the professional scene. He had received words that both Miracle and Kuroky, the main pillars of Nigma, would be absent from the newest roster.

It seems both would be inactive for different reasons, although they might have been tied to each other.

Four years together, maybe they are lacking the fire already. I think… I even know that there will be changes in Nigma. Those are just rumors, I didn’t get it right from them, third party to third party, and so on. There will be two players leaving, or maybe even three. I’m not sure about KuroKy… Okay, someone told me that Miracle will take a year break, and KuroKy will leave, but I can’t voach for that. And maybe Sumail too, it’s unclear.

Fishman (Escorenews)

Fishman elaborated that he felt there would be changes in Nigma, and proceeded to share the rumors he heard. There would be two or possibly three players leaving.

Miracle will be taking a year break from Dota professional scene, while Kuroky would also leave or be inactive for the upcoming season.

With Sumail also potentially leaving, fans would be wondering whether Nigma could survive the upcoming roster shuffle. However, with GH and Mind_Control as the remaining members, many expected Nigma to easily rebuild in the upcoming season.

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