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Dota 2 Releases Patch 7.32c Ahead of TI11


Valve officially released Dota 2 latest patch, 7.32c, and de facto would be The International 11 patch.

With The International 11 in sight, Valve had released the latest patch for the tournament, which is 7.32c. Players anticipated that Valve was going to use 7.32b for The International 11 beforehand.

However, with this release, it seems pro players would have to come up with the latest meta for the tournament.

As a tradition, the patch came with several nerfs and buffs for both items and heroes. The biggest item changes would be for both Refresher Orb and Refresher Shard.

Previously, they didn’t share cooldown and enabled players to cast their ultimates or BKBs three times in total.

But with the latest change, both Refresher Orb and Shard now share a cooldown, nerfing the three ultimate/BKB strat for now.

The nerf came for the hottest hero in the latest 7.32b patch, Faceless Void. His Aghanim Shard bonus range for Time Walk was nerfed considerably to 150 range. There were also nerfs towards his Time Dilation and Attack Speed talent during Chronosphere.

Another nerf was also made for Enigma who dominated the offlane with his Eidolons. Now, the Eidolons could be killed off easier with the reduced Magic Resistance at early levels.

His Midnight Pulse damage was also nerfed by one percent, which could be game-changing for some games.

Silencer was one of the heroes who received major buffs and could be the hero for 7.32c. His armor increase and instant burst damage for Arcane Curse could enable him to become one of the best midlaner.

Slardar also became one of the heroes that received a buff that appear to be weak, but actually massive in terms of impact. The Stun duration for his passive made him a viable laner once again, and his Guardian Sprint speed increase enabled him to become more mobile.

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