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TI10 True Sight Receives Good Reviews Despite ‘Late’ Release


Valve released The International 10 True Sight, which is getting good reviews due to its content.

The International 10 True Sight’s release was anticipated by players, and it delivered to the hype. Valve managed to make the documentary engaging and of the same quality as the previous True Sights.

The documentary received several critical acclaim and reviews from both fans and casual watchers.

Several climatic battles in the documentary were also made into SFM by Valve as in tradition. The animation looked smooth and of top-tier quality, impressing many watchers of the documentary.

However, the most impressive point of the documentary would be the point of view of the players themselves.

Team Spirit was seen as the cocky newcomers with no fear against the massive Chinese champion, PSG.LGD. Although they were initially claimed as favorites, PSG.LGD respected Team Spirit throughout the match as well.

After the conclusion of the documentary, players immediately posted their reactions to the documentary.

Fans were praising Valve for the direction that they go in for The International 10 True Sight. The production value and the new animated scenes were the quality that they praised throughout the documentary.

However, there were also concerns about the context of the tournament. Suggestions were made so that Valve could include the brackets and the background of the tournament in the future True Sights.

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