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Team Secret Challenges Team Payaman in Handicapped Basketball Match

Dethan Dario

The Valorant squad of Team Secret had a shoot-out against Team Payaman, and it’s not with guns with skins!

Team Secret Valorant

All-Filipino roster of Secret challenged Team Payaman in a basketball game on Friday, September 23.

The game followed after the team had a Valorant game versus CongTV and his Team Payaman squad.

During the game, fans were surprised that some players knew how to play ball. This came as a surprise since gamers are usually identified as weak in terms of their physicality.

Adding more humor to Team Secret’s content, most of the squad was initially found warming up. Not with the basketball, however, but by watching an anime inside an air-conditioned room in the area.

Surprisingly, Kevin “Dispenser” Te knew how at least some fundamentals of the ball.

In their Valorant game, the squad gave Team Payaman a handicap. This time, the gaming pros enjoyed a handicap for themselves.

For Team Payaman who knew how to play ball, the team initially had to play where every error was scored in favor of Team Secret.

In the next handicap, CongTV and his team had to play side-by-side during the game. This gave the team a very slow movement, giving Secret all the chance to get every shooting moment free.

The game, however, finished without knowing who won the game. The vlog was uploaded on Team Secret’s official YouTube channel.

CongTV stream

This collaboration is no surprise as Team Payaman has been publicly showing off their interest in Valorant. CongTV himself streams the game on his official Facebook page.

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