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This Month’s Popular Item: Falcon Blade


Falcon Blade has been popular both in high-level pubs and also professional matches because of these reasons. Back at being overpowered?

As a relatively new item, Falcon Blade have seen its ups and downs throughout patches. It went from a must-buy for many heroes to a dead item after a few patches.

However, it seems it was back to being the flavor of the month recently, with professional players picking it up.

Statistically in Dotabuff, Falcon Blade hasn’t been that impressive so far in terms of win rate. The item had a sub-par winrate, not even achieving a 50% win rate in the slightest. However, when accounting for the fact that the losing team doesn’t improve their Falcon Blade, the statistic became moot.

Instead, there were some reasons why Falcon Blade is having a resurge right now.

Its health component enables the mana-hungry yet squishy heroes to play more expressively than before. For a cheap amount of 1125 gold, a player could receive 200 health, 1.8 mana regeneration, and 14 attack damage.

These cost-effective stats were crucial for heroes that want to fight as early as possible, such as Slark.

The popularity of the item was also due to the fact that Slark is becoming a viable pick these days. Although considered a niche pick beforehand, after more analysis of the patch, players finally realized the potential of Slark.

Even if the hero is at the weakest during the crucial midgame, Slark became unstoppable once he survived those phases and became fed with kills and Agility.

With these considerations, it was no longer an abnormality that Falcon Blade is having a resurgence in the recent patch. However, players must also know when to buy the item, and not be stiff with their item build during the game.

Should their hero is having a good game, it was advisable to skip Falcon Blade entirely and build the next big item.

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